Creating special instruments for clients is a welcomed, enjoyable and satisfying experience for me. Original designs or adaptations of existing designs can be made to your specifications.

The process of creating an instrument on commission takes into account your thoughts and desires regarding sound, playability, size, materials used, design and decoration.

This process usually begins with a discussion outlining your particular requests and needs. Practical applications and feasability are considered including confirmation that my workshop will be able to produce such an instrument. Depending on your particular requirements, I can then offer you a preliminary estimate of both cost and delivery time.

A design fee is required which will be determined by the scale of the project. This fee will be applied to the final cost and is not refundable. Detailed plans will be drawn up which we can then discuss at length. Once you have approved the design, materials list and all other specifications, production will begin. In most cases with custom instruments, an approximate completion date is two to three months from the order date. I stay in regular contact with the shop to monitor the progress of orders being made for me and assist (hands on) in production.

Once the instrument is completed, I will give it a personal thorough inspection, play it and tweak it until I'm completely satisfied it meets (or exceeds) your specifications. This personal final exam process is given to all instruments. The instrument must pass this inspection before I release it for shipment.

All of my designs are copyrighted.

Pricing is based on a variety of factors. In addition to the size of the item, I consider complexity, techniques and materials required, as well as the uniqueness of the concept. As a general rule, simple carving and designs would be least expensive. Elaborate carving and inlaid designs such as birds, flowers and vines would add to the final price.

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